(KS4) iGCSE Tuition

Home- School Tutoring offers private tuition for IGCSEs: 

IGCSE coursework help and IGCSE exam preparation of the highest standard. Our tutors firmly believe learning can be an enjoyable experience by offering support and encouragement and helping alleviate exam pressure.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education ( IGCSE)  provides a course of study and certificate very similar to GCSE.  Originally created for students outside of Britain, the IGCSE is increasingly becoming the choice of course for many British schools and individual students.  The GCSE and the IGCSE are viewed equally by universities and employers.

Home-School tutoring offers IGCSE private tuition, IGCSE exam preparation,  IGCSE study skills, IGCSE coaching, IGCSE coursework help and IGCSE re-takes for all IGCSE subjects including:

  • IGCSE Maths
  • IGCSE Science
  • IGCSE English Literature / IGCSE English
  • IGCSE French / IGCSE Spanish / IGCSE Italian / IGCSE German
  • IGCSE History
  • IGCSE Geography

Even if the IGCSE subject is not listed here please do contact us.

Home-School Tutoring would be pleased to recommend a suitable local tutor to you.

All our tutors are CRB checked and have confirmation of relevant qualifications as well as personal references. IGCSE  private tuition can be in your home, in the home of the tutor or in a venue which is mutually agreed. All our tutors will ensure that they are familiar with the changing curriculum and the relevant  IGCSE exam board syllabus, such as:

  • Cambridge Board CIE
  • Ed Excel Board
  • AQA Board

(Tutors will also familiarise themselves with any other exam board syllabus as required)

Our qualified tutors will tailor local IGCSE private tuition for your son or daughter to a particular IGCSE subject and/or use a specific approach or focus on a target area of the chosen IGCSE subject. For example your son and daughter might like private coaching for IGCSE Maths to specifically run through past exam papers and focus on IGCSE exam preparation only.   Whatever your specific need for IGCSEs, our tutors offer:

  • IGCSE exam preparation: past exam papers, mock IGCSE tests, IGCSE revision, IGCSE exam practice, IGCSE re-takes
  • to build confidence in their IGCSE subject(s)
  • accurate following of IGCSE exam board syllabuses and/or school curriculum and will liaise with their school or college teachers if that is helpful or requested
  • assistance with IGCSE coursework and development of IGCSE study skills

IGCSEs take place during May / June of the final year ( year eleven) of Secondary School. IGCSE re-takes take place at other times. However the IGCSE exam process is much longer than just a couple of months; mock IGCSE exams and coursework start in year 10. Your son or daughter might like some IGCSE private tuition during the IGCSE revision period only, to cover mock IGCSE exam papers or it might be that at the beginning of year 10 or at the end of year 9, following their SATs, they would benefit from regular IGCSE tutoring.

A Personal Local Educational Service of IGCSE tutoring and exam preparation:

Home-School Tutoring is a personal education service which works alongside students, parents, teachers and schools to offer extra IGCSE help and to encourage and build on the existing foundations.

IGCSE private tuition will benefit pupils during the exam period, or a year or so before focusing on a particular IGCSE subject that the pupil would like to give extra attention to, for example the core subjects of  IGCSE Maths, IGCSE English or IGCSE Science. We can find you the right tutor who will be able to cater for your specific needs.

As well as making progress in learning, IGCSE exams can be stress-free and a confidence-building experience for your son and daughter.