Kent Tutors (Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, Hawkhurst)

Mrs Frances McClelland
B.Sc (Hons)

Looking for Kent tutors? Frances McClelland is our Kent Home-School Tutoring Advisor, covering the Tunbridge Wells area.

As well as the Tunbridge Wells area, we have tutors in the districts of Sevenoaks and Tonbridge, providing tuition to the towns and villages in this part of Kent.

Our Kent tutors

Please click the ‘Areas Covered’ tab to the right for a full list of the areas and postcodes currently covered by our Kent tutors. Frances is also the Home-School Tutoring Advisor for the bordering East Sussex area – more information about this area can be found on the East Sussex Home-School Tutoring page.

You can also find out more about our Kent private tutors or our East Sussex tutors by completing the form beneath the ‘Tutoring Enquiry’ tab or contacting Frances directly.

Frances will be very glad to receive your enquiry and find details of a tutor near you who can help with your required subject and individual needs.

Home tutors for all ages and subjects

Within this area of Kent, our personal tutors help a wide range of students, from primary school through secondary school as well as those at college or university. We also have tutors who work with pre-school children and adults in education or studying in the workplace.

We work with pupils attending or striving to secure places at selective schools as well as students attending secondary moderns in the area.

We have a number of tutors who specialise in 11 Plus preparation as well as the Common Entrance and other entry exams.

Our GCSE tutors and AS and A Level tutors have helped many pupils achieve the results they wanted in their exams. As well as tutors for English, maths and science, for which many pupils request help, we have tutors for a range of curriculum subjects as well as many additional non-curriculum subjects.

Meanwhile, our literacy and numeracy specialists provide long-term support for many who benefit from one-to-one tuition for reading, writing and/or number work.

A full list of subjects available through Home-School Tutoring can be found to the right, while details about specific tutors in Kent are available by completing the enquiry form or contacting Frances.

Tailored personal tuition

Whatever your requirement, our home tutors will tailor their lessons and techniques to you or your child’s individual needs. Working one-to-one enables students to set the pace of their learning and ask as many questions as they need to ensure they fully understood their work.

Our tutors can also provide individualised tuition to two or more students working together, and can travel to pupils’ homes or teach in other suitable locations.

Many of our tutors are teachers who also work in schools or who have previously taught in schools, and we carefully check qualifications and DBS certificates before our tutors commence teaching.

Get started with Home-School Tutoring

If you would like to find out more about private tuition in Kent – whether for yourself, your child or on somebody else’s behalf – Frances will be very happy to help.

Please complete the enquiry form on this page, providing as much detail as possible about your individual requirements, and Frances will get in touch.

Alternatively, you can call Frances on 07935 385348 or send an email to

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Frances is an experienced teacher of English and Maths from KS2 to GCSE and she gives tuition in her own subjects almost daily, besides being the Home-School Tutoring Area Proprietor for this area.

Well-known for her warmth and enthusiasm, Frances is passionate about instilling a love of learning in her students. She has much experience of home tutoring as she home-educated her own two children, both of whom are now at University.

Frances has a great love of the countryside and seaside, both to be found in St. Leonards where she has enjoyed bringing up her family and walking her four dogs.

Frances thoroughly enjoys being a Home-School Tutoring Area Advisor and she prides herself on answering all calls and emails promptly. She is happy to listen and advise on all aspects of tutoring and home education. Many of her clients return to her over the years and she enjoys staying in touch with past pupils.

Frances has built up a loyal, reliable and dedicated team of tutors. She is always pleased to accept more good tutors. If you live in this area, and need tutoring assistance, please make contact with Frances.

Each Home-School Tutoring Area seeks experienced, qualified teachers and graduates who can be available as tutors. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop confidence and make progress.

We aim for high standards

As a self-employed tutor you are rewarded well for your tuition both in terms of remuneration and in satisfaction. You are valued by our organisation and by your clients.

We particularly need more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy and more teachers of Mathematics, English and Sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level but ALL tutors are welcome. Do join us!

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Subjects Offered

Home-School Tutoring can help with: accountancy, adult numeracy, adult literacy, Arabic, architecture, art, art history, biology, basic skills, business studies, CDT, chemistry, Chinese, citizenship, computing, computer literacy, computing skills, DT/design technology, drama, dyslexia support, economics, educational assessments, Eleven Plus/11+, English, English as a foreign language/EFL, English language, English for academic Study/IELTS, English literature, entrance exams, ethics, exam practice, exam technique, foreign language studies for business use, languages for pleasure, French, geography, German, history, ICT, Italian, Latin, law, learning difficulties support, learning skills, learning support, literacy, maths/mathematics, mechanics, media studies, music, music theory, musical instrument tuition, numeracy, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, RE/religious studies, revision skills, science, sociology, Spanish, special educational needs/SEN, statistics, study skills, theatre studies, theology.

Most subjects are offered in each area at all key stages, including for: primary level, entrance exams, SATs, the Common Entrance, GCSEs, A levels, home-educated children, pre-university, undergraduate degree level and adult education.

If you are a tutor, particularly in the core subjects of maths, English, sciences and special needs support, or can provide effective tuition in any of the above subjects, please apply to register by clicking on the Become a Tutor tab above.

Kent teacher and tutors required!

Home-School Tutoring Kent is seeking additional qualified teachers and tutors, including retired teachers interested in part-time teaching work. We are especially keen to hear from English, maths and science tutors but all subject teachers are invited to apply.

Please visit the ‘Become a Tutor’ page or contact Frances for an informal chat if you are interested in joining our team of committed home tutors.