Tutoring Costs

What does it cost to have tutoring?   What are the fees?

Once your Area Advisor knows what sort of tutoring you need and any other requests you may have, then the cost of our tutor recommendation and tutoring fees will be quoted to you.

The tutoring fees vary and a number of factors are taken into account:

  • the subject and level you require and any specific requests
  • the qualifications and professional expertise of the tutor
  • any travel time and costs to the tutor (if applicable)

We aim that the tutoring fees are as reasonable as possible for you, and as fair as possible for the tutor who gives the tutoring.

If you are considering taking some tutoring , please contact your Area Advisor by putting your postcode, town or city into the search facility above.

Your Area Advisor will be pleased to help and will be able to quote the costs for your requirements.