What's happening in Home-School Tutoring and in Education?



Are you prepared for the new school year?

A new school year means new challenges for many pupils. Find out how one-to-one support can help pupils prepare for the next steps in their education. If your child is facing exams in the next school year or […]



Personalised Learning Plans

Personalised learning plans that target each individual student’s own unique needs are an essential part of our tutors’ recipes for success. No two students are the same: each has their own strengths, weaknesses, interests and learning preferences. So […]



Year 1 Phonics Screening Checks: FAQs

Year 1 phonics screening checks will soon be taking place across the country. But what do parents need to know? What is the Year 1 phonics screening check? The phonics screening check is a short assessment conducted one to […]



“He is now motivated and achieving well” – testimonials from Cornwall and Scilly

Since Home-School Tutoring has expanded into Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, our Area Advisor here, Emily Ellen, and her team of tutors have been inundated with praise. Here’s a selection of recent testimonials: “Now motivated and achieving well” […]



Revision + rosemary = GCSE success?

A university study has suggested students could give their memory skills a boost by smelling rosemary while revising. A study by Northumbria University found pupils taking memory tests achieved results that were between 5 and 7% better when […]



SATs for 6 and 7-year-olds Could Be Scrapped

The education secretary has announced a new consultation to seek views on the scrapping of SATs at the end of key stage 1.    Following pressure from parents, teachers and others working in education, the Department for Education is proposing an […]



Meet the Advisors: Alex Murray-Twinn, West and Central Hampshire

If you would like tutoring support in West or Central Hampshire, Alex is ready to answer your queries and match you with an ideal tutor. Experienced, knowledgeable and always good humoured, we’re proud to have Alex on board! […]



Onwards and Upwards for HST

Margaret Sweetland looks back on a year of achievements for Home-School Tutoring.   2016 was a busy and triumphant year for Home-School Tutoring! We’ve continued to grow and now cover 41 areas across England and Wales. Want to […]



Success for 11+ pupils of Home-School Tutoring Essex

Home-School Tutoring Essex is delighted that 12 of its pupils passed their 11+ exams this autumn and have been able to apply for grammar school places. Our Area Advisor for Home-School Tutoring, Sue-Ellen Horak personally helped 9 pupils […]



Home-School Tutoring Expands into Three New Areas

Pupils in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the North-West area of London and Berkshire can now benefit from private tuition services from one of the UK’s longest established tutoring organisations. Home-School Tutoring has welcomed on board three […]



From Frustration to Success: Real-life Stories

At Home-School Tutoring, we help pupils fulfil their potential with patient and effective tuition that is tailored to the individual’s unique needs. The following success stories show how three very different pupils turned frustration into success with the support of a tutor. From Ds […]



The Tutors’ Association

Home-School Tutoring has high standards and codes of practice, and is a full corporate member of The Tutors’ Association (TTA). This means that, in addition to upholding our own standards and codes, we also adhere to TTA’s published […]



Private Tutors: Finding a good Local Tutor

If you are considering private tuition then you are joining with the many hundreds of pupils that Home-School Tutoring has helped in their learning over the last year or so. Private tuition is sometimes referred to as the […]