Geography Tuition

Home-School Tutoring’s geography specialists are available to assist any student studying geography, whether they would like tuition or support for homework, report writing, map and graph skills, interpreting photos, preparation for the controlled assessment and/or exams, or for short-term or ongoing extra-curricular booster lessons.

Our geography tutors can provide one-to-one tuition for all levels, from primary through to GCSE, AS and A Level, and beyond for higher education students.

A sought-after subject

Geography is considered a solid academic subject, and is highly valued by universities and employers.  Furthermore, those who continue to study geography at degree level go on to become some of the most sought after graduates by employers: according to a recent Labour Force Survey, geography graduates are less likely to be unemployed at the end of their course than those studying other subjects and more likely to be earning an above-average salary.

GCSE Geography

The percentage of pupils who made GCSE Geography one of their subject choices for GCSE examinations in 2014 rose to 36%, while only 26% of students sat GCSE Geography exams in 2010. The increase in the popularity of GCSE Geography has been attributed to the introduction of the English Baccalaureate qualification, for which pupils must gain a grade C or higher in GCSE Geography or History.

Home-School Tutoring’s geography tutors can support pupils with all aspects of their geography studies, helping pupils to build confidence in drawing on geographical ideas and theories, evaluating critically sources of evidence, and presenting coherent arguments and effective, accurate and well-substantiated conclusions.

Our geography specialists are familiar with the National Curriculum for geography teaching in schools as well as the exam board syllabuses for GCSE Geography, AS Level Geography and A-Level Geography.

Getting to grips with geography

Our home tutors are happy to help with specific topics, whether related to physical geography or human geography, for specific skill development (e.g. report writing, map skills, graph skills or interpreting photos) or for preparation for the controlled assessment (the local fieldwork investigation). We can also help with revision assistance for any or all of the geography syllabus.

Our geography tutors are also available for ongoing regular support.

With a private tutors the pupil is in control of the pace of their lesson, and our tutors always strive to create a non-stressful, supportive learning environment.

Trust in Home-School Tutoring

Home-School Tutoring was established in 1984 and has offered quality private tutoring for over 30 years.  Our registration procedure ensures that all our home tutors are suitably qualified before references are taken up and an enhanced DBS check is carried out.

Our geography tutors are qualified to provide geography tuition for:

  • pre-school pupils
  • key stage 1 & 2 (primary level)
  • key stage 3 & 4 (secondary level)
  • GCSE and IGCSE Geography
  • homework help
  • controlled assessment preparation (the local fieldwork investigation)
  • revision and exam preparation
  • pupils requiring special needs support
  • AS and A-Level Geography
  • degree level (university or college)
  • extra-curricular or personal interests


Our home tutors are available for private tuition:

  • at the student’s home
  • at the tutor’s home
  • other suitable convenient locations
  • online
  • daytime
  • evenings
  • weekends
  • school holidays


Contact your Area Advisor

Our Area Advisors would be pleased to provide advice to any students or their parents interested in geography home tutoring. Our Area Advisors match pupils with geography tutors in their area, and remain in contact with parents to respond to any queries or feedback.  Please enter your postcode in our Tutor Search facility to find your local Area Adviser.

Home-School Tutoring is currently inviting applications from qualified geography and history tutors who would like to join Home-School Tutoring. Please see Become a Tutor to apply.