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Carolyn Watson

TUTORING OFFERED BY CARING TUTORS  in all areas of Berkshire. 

We look forward to providing you with tutoring help during this term.

Our aims and values

We support parents and pupils, schools, teachers and lecturers in all levels of learning from very young children to adults.

We help students of all ages to gain confidence and reach their full potential as individuals: personally, socially and academically. We tutor by positive encouragement with a pastoral concern for the individual.

We trust the professionalism of our tutors to provide high standard tuition classes to the best of their ability.

Home-School Tutoring has a duty of care to protect children according to government legislation and recommendations. Our tutors are placed in a position of trust and we ask each tutor to ensure they give no cause for concern or reproach as a result of their presentation or personal conduct in tutoring assignments.


TEACHERS AND TUTORS for all subjects and levels ARE NEEDED NOW in all areas of Berkshire and West Berkshire including the towns and areas of Aldermaston, Bracknell, Bradfield, Calcot Row, Caversham, Crowthorne, Finchampstead, Hermitage, Highclere, Hungerford, Kingsclere, Newbury, Pangbourne, Reading , Silchester, Sonning, Theale, Tilehurst, Thatcham, Whitley, Woodley.

We invite you to join our tutoring team ; tutor for us when it is convenient to you, commit to our values and help us to provide more supportive tuition to pupils of all ages and abilities. We value our tutors and believe that you will also value our service to you and to our clients.

Agree with our aims and values? Please join us!

Share your professional skills and knowledge to help those who are struggling with learning or have special educational needs. Watch them build confidence and make progress. Patiently explain difficult concepts to those who are taking advanced courses and who want to aim high. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop their understanding and skills.

Parents, Students, Contact us now!  We will be pleased to hear from you and we do our best to provide the best tutoring services for your needs.  It will generally be either Carolyn Watson or Joyce Ward ( our administration assistant ) who will answer you and be in touch with you.

Best wishes
Carolyn Watson ( Berkshire Area Advisor )


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Hello , I’m Carolyn and I head up the team of tutors in Home-School Tutoring (Berkshire).
I am your first contact when you would like to consider having some tutoring , for whatever subject or level in this region.
It is always a great pleasure to identify the best tutor to meet the specific learning needs of an individual pupil.
If you are a parent, needing help for your son or daughter, please contact me to chat through the support your child needs so that we can match up a perfect tutor.
If you are an older student and would like to chat about it yourself with me, I will be so pleased to help you.
I believe strongly in personal tuition as a positive encouragement on a one-to-one basis to individual pupils and I have a passion for a personal education that builds confidence and progress in learning.
I look forward to hearing from you , and my team will be delighted to do our best to help you.

Good teachers, tutors and graduates: if you would like to join our tutoring team, throughout Berkshire, and you agree with the aims of tutoring with patience, encouragement and challenge, please do contact me now. We have vacancies, particularly for tutors in Reading, Bracknell, Theale, Newbury and most other Berkshire areas.

Each Home-School Tutoring Area seeks experienced, qualified teachers and graduates who can be available as tutors. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop confidence and make progress.

We aim for high standards

As a self-employed tutor you are rewarded well for your tuition both in terms of remuneration and in satisfaction. You are valued by our organisation and by your clients.

We particularly need more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy and more teachers of Mathematics, English and Sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level but ALL tutors are welcome. Do join us!

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Subjects Offered

Home-School Tutoring helps students with: accountancy, adult numeracy, adult literacy, Arabic, architecture, art, art history, biology, basic skills, business studies, CDT, chemistry, Chinese, citizenship, computing, computer literacy, computing skills, DT/design technology, drama, dyslexia support, economics, educational assessments, Eleven Plus/11+, English, English as a foreign language/EFL, English language, English for academic Study/IELTS, English literature, entrance exams, ethics, exam practice, exam technique, foreign language studies for business use, languages for pleasure, French, geography, German, history, ICT, Italian, Latin, law, learning difficulties support, learning skills, learning support, literacy, maths/mathematics, mechanics, media studies, music, music theory, musical instrument tuition, numeracy, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, RE/religious studies, revision skills, science, sociology, Spanish, special educational needs/SEN, statistics, study skills, theatre studies, theology.

Most of the above subjects are offered in each area at all key stages, including for: primary level, entrance exams, SATs, the Common Entrance, GCSE, A level and pre-university or undergraduate level.

Tutoring can also be given for home-schooled children or those having home education for a short period.

If you are a tutor reading this section and can offer tutoring, particularly in the core subjects of maths, English, sciences and special needs support, or if you are able to tutor any of the above subjects, please apply to register with us by clicking on the Become a Tutor tab above.

Home-School Tutoring is committed to providing tutoring and educational services of a high standard, supporting parents and pupils, schools and teachers throughout the UK.