Dorset Tutors (Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch)

Mrs Annette Moran
BEd (Hons)

Looking for local tutors in Dorset? If you would like private tuition in the Bournemouth/Poole area or are looking for tutors in and around Christchurch or Wareham, Annette Moran is ready to help.

Qualified tutors and teachers throughout South East Dorset

Annette’s team of teachers and tutors provide a high standard of personal tutoring to pupils of all ages in South East Dorset.

Our tutors work with students from a wide range of schools and colleges in Bournemouth and Poole as well as those in Christchurch, Highcliffe, Wareham, Wimborne and the surrounding areas.

For a full list of the places within South East Dorset served by Annette’s home tutors, please see the Areas Covered tab above the enquiry form.

Tuition for all levels and subjects

In Dorset, our tutors help students of all ages, from children who are just starting out at school through to pupils preparing for GCSE and A level exams to adults studying for work or leisure.

Tutoring for the 11 Plus is popular with students aiming for grammar school places in Bournemouth and Poole as well as those preparing for entry exams at independent private schools.

We also have a number of SEN tutors and dyslexia specialists who can support pupils of all ages.

English, maths and science tuition are always popular subjects but we also offer private tutoring for many other subjects, both curriculum and non-curriculum.

Whatever you would like private tutoring support for – whether at school, college, university or in the workplace – Annette will be very happy to hear from you.

Please feel free to call or email Annette to discuss your requirements or complete the enquiry form on this page, providing as much information as possible.

Are you a qualified teacher or tutor in Dorset?

If you are a qualified teacher, tutor or graduate in this area, Annette invites you to register with Home-School Tutoring.

Tutors, including part-time, supply or retired teachers or college lecturers, are needed to provide tuition in all subjects in the Bournemouth/Poole area.

Home-School Tutoring is a trusted name in private tuition across the UK and is proud of its many success stories over the past 30 years.

Home-School Tutoring UK is a Corporate Member of The Tutors’ Association (TTA), demonstrating our organisation’s commitment to the professional standards of tutoring and ethics which TTA upholds.

You can read more about Home-School Tutoring here or apply to join us using the Become a Tutor form.

The power of effective tuition

Annette combines school teaching with her role as our Home-School Tutoring Dorset Area Advisor, and gains tremendous satisfaction from helping children to learn.

Individual tuition – or tuition in small groups – can provide a great boost to pupils’ confidence and understanding, and Annette finds it very rewarding to see children make strong progress and enjoy their learning.

You can find out more about Annette under the Area Advisors Details tab above the enquiry form.

If you are based in Poole/Bournemouth area and would like the support of an effective local tutor, please complete the enquiry form above, providing as much information as possible.

You can also call Annette on 01425 672408 or send an email to

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Annette is a qualified, experienced teacher who taught mostly infant (KS1) children for many years. Her husband has taught in Secondary Education for many years so he is able to help advise on that age group.

With her own personal speciality being teaching young learners, Annette loves to see children enjoying learning and building their confidence. Annette says that she finds it especially rewarding when ‘the penny drops and children suddenly take off’, for example, with their reading or maths.

Her other interests include walking, gardening and enjoying the countryside, particularly as she lives in the New Forest area. She also enjoys living near the coast and she and husband Noel are gradually walking the South West Coastal Path, a bit at a time – very hilly!

Annette is delighted to say that her Home-School Tutoring register includes some very good local tutors – for all subjects and levels – and she has been so pleased that pupils have returned for further recommendations.

If you would like some tutoring support, Annette will be very pleased to help you.

Each Home-School Tutoring Area seeks experienced, qualified teachers and graduates who can be available as tutors. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop confidence and make progress.

We aim for high standards

As a self-employed tutor you are rewarded well for your tuition both in terms of remuneration and in satisfaction. You are valued by our organisation and by your clients.

We particularly need more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy and more teachers of Mathematics, English and Sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level but ALL tutors are welcome. Do join us!

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Subjects Offered

We aim to offer tutoring in as many subjects and levels as possible. Whichever tuition subject you would like help with, please ask!

Home-School Tutoring helps students with: accountancy, adult numeracy, adult literacy, Arabic, architecture, art, art history, biology, basic skills, business studies, CDT, chemistry, Chinese, citizenship, computing, computer literacy, computing skills, DT/design technology, drama, dyslexia support, economics, educational assessments, Eleven Plus/11+, English, English as a foreign language/EFL, English language, English for academic Study/IELTS, English literature, entrance exams, ethics, exam practice, exam technique, foreign language studies for business use, languages for pleasure, French, geography, German, history, ICT, Italian, Latin, law, learning difficulties support, learning skills, learning support, literacy, maths/mathematics, mechanics, media studies, music, music theory, musical instrument tuition, numeracy, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, RE/religious studies, revision skills, science, sociology, Spanish, special educational needs/SEN, statistics, study skills, theatre studies, theology.

Most of the above subjects are offered in each area at all key stages, including for: primary level, entrance exams, SATs, the Common Entrance, GCSE, A level and pre-university or undergraduate level.

Tutoring can also be given for home-schooled children or those having home education for a short period.

If you are a tutor reading this section and can offer tutoring, particularly in the core subjects of maths, English, sciences and special needs support, or if you are able to tutor any of the above subjects, please apply to register with us by clicking on the Become a Tutor tab above. Home-School Tutoring is committed to providing tutoring and educational services of a high standard, supporting parents and pupils, schools and teachers throughout the UK.


We are now looking for more local tutors in Bournemouth, Poole and South East Dorset for all subjects, including English, maths, science and curriculum subjects as well as for non-curriculum subjects and SEN support.

To apply for tutoring work with Home-School Tutoring please complete a registration form.

Home-School Tutoring is committed to providing tutoring and educational services of a high standard, supporting parents and pupils, schools and teachers throughout the UK.