Hampshire Tutors (Southampton, Winchester, Andover)

Alex Murray-Twinn
BA (Hons) NPQH

Local Tutors you can count on

Alex joined Home-School tutoring in June 2011, having been a head teacher in Central London. Six years on, she is proud of the success rate of Home-School Tutoring in West and Central Hampshire.

“I really enjoy working with my growing team of wonderful tutors and the satisfied families in this area,” Alex says.

“If you would like to discuss how our tutors could help you or your child, just give me a call, write me an email or send me your details using the form on this page. Our initial consultation is free and without obligation – if you decide to proceed, I will do my best to match you with just the right tutor.”

Full details of the areas Alex covers can be found by clicking the Areas Covered tab above the enquiry form.

Supportive personal tuition, whatever your need

When contacting Alex, please provide details about the subject(s) required, the level (e.g. the key stage, GCSE, A Level or undergraduate) and any supplementary information, such as special educational needs, dyslexia support or gifted student support.

“It helps to give as much detail as you can so I can assess your needs and your specific tutoring requirements and preferences,” Alex says. “Do let me know if your child would be more comfortable with a lady tutor for example, or if they have a strong interest in something (lego, superheroes, becoming a vet) that we can use to maximise their engagement in learning quickly.

“We have tutors who specialise in entrance exam preparation for the fabulous schools within our area, as well as individual subject support in all academic areas, many languages and lessons for various musical instruments.”

Helping pupils of all ages succeed

Our Hampshire tutors have helped many students develop new confidence and succeed in tests and exams.

Recent praise from schools and parents for our West and Central Hampshire tutors can be found to the right.

“We have an excellent success rate and our tutors are often asked to return to work with siblings,” says Alex.

“We currently have students aged from five to 66, all enjoying a tailored programme from our excellent and dedicated tutors.”

Qualified tutors in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester or Andover, Romsey or Chandlers Ford

If you are a qualified teacher, tutor or graduate in this area, Alex invites you to register with Home-School Tutoring using the Become a Tutor form.

“We would be delighted to welcome more tutors to our team. English, maths and sciences are in the greatest demand, alongside exam preparation (largely 11+ and KS2 SATs but we get requests for all areas of the curriculum from YR to adult).

“We have both daytime work (we work with schools, hospitals, theatres and fostering agencies as well as the Home Education community) and evening/weekend and school holiday work.

“If you fill in the short screening form online I will send you the full registration form and further details.

“It’s easy to do, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.”

More about Alex

You can find out more about Alex by clicking the Area Advisor Details tab above the enquiry form.

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Alex is our Area Advisor for Hampshire (West and Central.) She was a teacher and then a headteacher in London for 17 years before she and her husband moved to Hampshire to bring up their family.

Alex enjoys teaching and especially seeing the extra progress both in the subject and in confidence that can be made with 1:1 and small group tutoring. She is an active member of the PTA and is a School Governor at her son’s school.

Alex joined Home-School Tutoring in June 2011 and she very much enjoys the contacts with her strong team of tutors and satisfied families in this area. She is very enthusiastic and she invites many more good tutors to join her team.

Alex will be pleased to help you with your tutoring needs as a family or as a prospective tutor – so do make contact.

Each Home-School Tutoring Area seeks experienced, qualified teachers and graduates who can be available as tutors. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop confidence and make progress.

We aim for high standards

As a self-employed tutor you are rewarded well for your tuition both in terms of remuneration and in satisfaction. You are valued by our organisation and by your clients.

We particularly need more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy and more teachers of Mathematics, English and Sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level but ALL tutors are welcome. Do join us!

Apply to become a Tutor with us now

Subjects Offered

We aim to offer tutoring in as many subjects and levels as possible. Whichever tuition subject you would like help with, please ask!

Home-School Tutoring helps students with: accountancy, adult numeracy, adult literacy, Arabic, architecture, art, art history, biology, basic skills, business studies, CDT, chemistry, Chinese, citizenship, computing, computer literacy, computing skills, DT/design technology, drama, dyslexia support, economics, educational assessments, Eleven Plus/11+, English, English as a foreign language/EFL, English language, English for academic Study/IELTS, English literature, entrance exams, ethics, exam practice, exam technique, foreign language studies for business use, languages for pleasure, French, geography, German, history, ICT, Italian, Latin, law, learning difficulties support, learning skills, learning support, literacy, maths/mathematics, mechanics, media studies, music, music theory, musical instrument tuition, numeracy, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, RE/religious studies, revision skills, science, sociology, Spanish, special educational needs/SEN, statistics, study skills, theatre studies, theology.

Most of the above subjects are offered in each area at all key stages, including for: primary level, entrance exams, SATs, the Common Entrance, GCSE, A level and pre-university or undergraduate level.

Tutoring can also be given for home-schooled children or those having home education for a short period.

Mock Eleven Plus (11+) and Common Entrance exams

A full 'practice examination run' will help your child be prepared. Contact us for dates for 2017!

More info and booking forms are available from Alex Murray-Twinn, HST UK (Hampshire West/Central).

Email: alex.murray-twinn@homeschooltutoring.co.uk
or telephone: 023 80 275573

Recent testimonial from a local school to which we have supplied tutors

"Firstly can I say how impressed we have been with both the tutors who have worked with our students. All of the students have really benefited, in particular from the encouragement and positive feedback they received. For many of our students this is the much needed boost they need.

"Hopefully we will have funding next academic year and will be able to use your services again. Once again thank you very much for your excellent service."

Recent testimonials from satisfied students and parents

"Many thanks for being such an amazing tutor – you have changed lives in such a short space of time. The students think you're fantastic and so do we!"

"Well our letter arrived today and W's just opened it. I'm really happy to tell you he's been offered a place and we are overjoyed! Many thanks for all that you did for W and keeping me calm too throughout the whole process!"

"Thank you so much for getting in touch to ask about E's exam. She was nervous but confident going in. Her first paper went well. She specifically commented that your tutoring had made a huge difference, so thank you again, I wish we had found you sooner."

"Just a quick email to thank you for all you have done – what a difference your tuition has made! His teacher cannot believe the difference in confidence in a few short weeks – he is like a different boy with school now a pleasure!"

"My daughter's confidence in doing maths has been boosted greatly, and she is now starting to believe that she CAN do it. That's with thanks to her patient and understanding maths tutor, who makes it fun and interesting every week.... I have recommended this company to several of my friends and would continue to do so without hesitation."

"The only time my son ever loves doing maths! Thoroughly recommend!!"

"Fantastic personalised service. You really feel Alex has a genuine interest in your child's outcomes!"

"This fabulous company found me the perfect tutor for my son, twice! I cannot recommend them highly enough."

"We engaged a home tutor through Home School Tutoring, to support our son after he had missed work at school due to disruption in his class. The one-on-one tutoring was fundamental to covering the lost ground and rebuilding his confidence. You could see his confidence returning after each session with her."

"Thank you so much for recommending Charlotte to us. S was reluctant and nervous about having a tutor, but since the first session, she's been wishing the days away until the next session. She seems to have turned a corner already – what a difference in confidence, wish we had come to you earlier!"

"L had his entrance exam on Saturday – he was so pleased that he had done the practice interviews and had no nerves! I know we said that we would stop after his exam, but we would like to continue if we can keep the same tutor?"