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Dermot Hicks
MA. B.Ed (Hons)
0208 892 7610 /
07775 496 777

Dermot Hicks is the Home-School Tutoring Advisor for SW London Richmond Area (All TW Post Codes).

If you’re looking for a tutor either for yourself or for someone who needs tuition, please tell me about your tutoring requirements using the Tutoring Enquiry form or ring me for a free consultation. I will be pleased to discuss the needs of pupils with parents and tutors – whatever subject and level required.

It helps to give as much detail as you can about the subject for which you need tuition, the level (Key Stage, GCSE, A Level), so that I can assess your needs and your specific requirements and preferences. You may have more than one area of the curriculum for which a private tutor can be of help, please feel free to use the same form to list all your tutoring requirements. I will then do my best to personally recommend the most suitable tutor to you from my team of local tutors.

I am delighted to be the Richmond Area Advisor for Home-School Tutoring after a long and successful teaching career.  My office, based in the Twickenham Centre, and opened by the local MP, also has a purpose built studio for examination revision lessons. You will be welcome to attend there, or tutoring can be arranged in your home or in the home of a suitable tutor.

Home-School Tutoring (Richmond) offers individual personal tuition in the TW postcode (TW1 – TW20) including Twickenham, Richmond, Kew, Teddington, Hampton, Hounslow  and Egham.

We offer all subjects especially English, Maths and Science at KS3 and KS4 specialising in examination preparation for GCSE, AS and A2 level.

We offer experienced primary teachers for KS1 and KS2, expert tuition for 11+ and entrance examinations for grammar schools and independent  secondary schools including  Tiffin, Lady Eleanor Holles, Latymer, St.James and Kingston.

We provide excellent results, a very high success rate and recommendations from satisfied parents. For your free consultation call me;

Dermot Hicks 0208 892 7610 / 07775496777

If you are a qualified teacher, tutor or graduate living in Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington or within the TW post code areas, I invite you to register with us. Please get in touch using the Become a Tutor form. You will be asked a few screening questions about your qualifications and then I’ll get in touch directly with the full registration form.

Recently retired teachers would be most welcome to join our register of tutors.

It’s easy to do and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Best wishes,

Mr. Dermot Hicks M.A. B.Ed. (Hons.) 

London South West /  Richmond Area Advisor

PS Find out more about me on the Area Advisor Details tab. The Areas I cover are shown on the Areas Covered tab.

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Dermot is our Home-School Tutoring Area Advisor for the Richmond Area of SW London. Originally from Ireland, Dermot grew up amongst a distinguished family of teachers, and was himself determined to be a teacher of the highest standard.

Dermot has taught English at all levels before specialising in teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) with the Hounslow Secondary Language Service. Some of the students, who came from very disadvantaged backgrounds, went on to attain high academic qualifications and Dermot is justifiably proud of their achievements.

Home-School Tutoring (Richmond) offers tuition in all subjects to all levels across the TW post code area. Local landmarks like Kew Gardens, Richmond Park, Osterley Park, Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Kempton Park and Heathrow Airport have TW postcodes.

Dermot Hicks
MA. B.Ed (Hons)
0208 892 7610 / 07775 496 777

Each Home-School Tutoring Area seeks experienced, qualified teachers and graduates who can be available as tutors. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop confidence and make progress.

We aim for high standards

As a self-employed tutor you are rewarded well for your tuition both in terms of remuneration and in satisfaction. You are valued by our organisation and by your clients.

We particularly need more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy and more teachers of Mathematics, English and Sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level but ALL tutors are welcome. Do join us!

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Subjects Offered

We aim to offer tutoring in as many subjects and levels as possible. If the subject / level that you need isn't included in the list below, please ask!

Accountancy / Adult Numeracy / Adult Literacy / Arabic / Architecture / Art / Art History / Biology / Basic Skills / Business Studies / CDT / Chemistry / Chinese / Citizenship / Computing / Computer Literacy / Computing Skills / DT Design Technology / Drama / Dyslexia Support / Economics / Educational Assessment / Eleven Plus 11+ / English / English as a Foreign Language EFL / English Language / English for Academic Study (IELTS) / English Literature / Entrance Exams / Ethics / Exam Practice / Exam Technique / Foreign Language Studies for Business Use / Languages for Pleasure / French / Geography / German / History / ICT / Italian / Latin / Law / Learning Difficulties / Learning Skills / Learning Support / Literacy / Maths / Mathematics / Mechanics / Media Studies / Music / Music Theory / Musical Instrument Tuition / Numeracy / Philosophy / Physics / Politics / Psychology / R.E. / Religious Education / Revision Skills / Science / Sociology / Spanish / Special Educational Needs / Statistics / Study Skills / Theatre Studies / Theology.

Most of the above subjects are offered in each Area at all Key Stages: Primary level / Entrance Exams / SATs / Common Entrance / GCSE / A level / and Pre-University or Undergraduate level.

Tutoring can also be given for home-schooled children or those having home education for a short period.


Dermot would like to welcome all new tutors who signed up over the summer and he would like to remind primary and secondary teachers that there are still plenty of opportunities for one to one tuition in the TW postcode area.

Home-School Tutoring (Richmond) offers tutoring at our Tutoring Centre at 100 Heath Road, Twickenham, TW1 4BW. Our small group revision lessons for GCSE's and A level tutoring are also popular - please make contact or call for more details.

Appreciation for Nicole, EAL Tutor

"Thank you again for all the support for N. We have recently seen a huge difference in her English and confidence.

N. has really very much enjoyed these lessons and being supported by you."

Praise for Home School Tutor

One of our clients was so pleased with the support our tutor gave in preparing for entrance exams that they took the time to write and thank her:

"Dear Binny, Just to let you know that J has been offered places at all three schools. Thank you so much for all your help. Best Wishes, T"


A student recently contacted one of our tutors to say: "I've graduated from university with First Class Honours. I have you to thank for that, for teaching me how to work with a deadline, how to prepare for tests and basically just teaching us the importance of education...thanks for everything" The tutor was Ms.Bahanda, what a testament to her skills!

Congratulations to one of Dr.Margaret Roberson's students who got 2 A* and A in IGCSE science.

A testimonial - from a parent of one of our pupils to Tutor JR Ryan: 'Thank you, thank you. Daughter M has just called me to reveal that she has picked up an A* in Business Studies. She is beside herself with excitement'.