Exam Preparation Support from Home-School Tutoring

Preparing for GCSEs, A Levels, Common Entrance or other exams? Worried you’re not prepared? Don’t panic! Home-School Tutoring can help!

Targeted support from experienced tutors

Home-School Tutoring offers private tuition and exam preparation with experienced tutors. Our tutors firmly believe that learning and exams can be an enjoyable experience when the right support is given and the pupil’s needs are met.

Exams can be a huge ordeal at any age or stage within education. Our qualified tutors can provide tailored exam preparation tuition for your son or daughter as well as for mature students. We can target particular subjects and skills to make sure students can face exams with confidence.

Our tutors will help:

  • develop practical revision and study skills for exams
  • work through past exam papers and questions for particular subjects
  • hep pupils confidently understand the exam syllabus
  • follow the school curriculum and liaise with school or college teachers if helpful and requested
  • target each private lesson to the individual need, focusing on exam preparation

Exam preparation for all ages, subjects and levels

We provide exam preparation private tuition for all levels and ages. We aim to cover as many, if not all, curriculum subjects, working at your own pace in your own time.

Our tutors understand that exams can be a very stressful time for pupils and parents so always aim to create a non-stressful, supportive learning environment.

Contact us for support with:

  • Exam preparation for primary school children – e.g. maths, English, science, special educational needs, key stage 1 SATs
  • Exam preparation for all SATs levels
  • Exam preparation for year 10 exams/GCSE mocks/GCSEs taken one year early
  • Exam preparation for GCSEs/GCSE re-takes
  • Exam preparation for Common Entrance exams or the 11 Plus
  • Exam preparation for AS and A2 levels
  • Exam preparation for university entrance exams or courses
  • Exam preparation for other higher education/adult education courses

Long-term or short-term tutoring for exams

You may find it helpful to have regular exam preparation tuition for a few months before your exams or private tuition can be ongoing   it is never too early to prepare for exams.

With pressure to achieve high grades achieving high grades, studying for exams can lead to anxiety for students. We aim to alleviate anxiety by showing pupils that learning can be an enjoyable experience!

Reducing anxiety about exams

Once pupils start to make progress and develop greater confidence in their abilities, we see anxiety replaced with pride in achievements. By helping pupils to understand their subjects and develop effective skills for studying, revision, essay writing and exams, our tutors help make exams less worrying events.

Contact your Area Advisor to find tutors local to you

Home-School Tutoring would be pleased to match you with a suitable local tutor. All our tutors are DBS checked and have provided confirmation of their relevant qualifications as well as personal references.

Exam preparation private tuition can be in your home, in the home of the tutor or in a venue which is mutually agreed.

In choosing Home School Tutoring, you are choosing an organisation which cares about pupils, their education and progress.

Contact your local Home School Tutoring Advisor to get started with exam preparation tuition. Simply enter  your postcode into the search facility above or visit our Locations page to find local contact details for your area.