Personalised Learning Plans

Personalised learning plans that target each individual student’s own unique needs are an essential part of our tutors’ recipes for success. No two students are the same: each has their own strengths, weaknesses, interests and learning preferences. So it makes sense that each student’s lesson plan should be bespokely created to meet their unique requirements.

If your child is not fulfilling their potential in the classroom, one-to-one tuition tailored to their specific needs can make the world of difference. The following email was sent to Andrew Murray, our Area Advisor for Devon, from a mother delighted with the progress her son has made in maths. Our Area Advisors and tutors always love receiving these emails from happy parents who are thrilled to see their children develop new confidence and overcome past difficulties.

“Dear Andrew, I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you very much for finding a tutor for us at such short notice.

Valeryia has been excellent and has been a fantastic support for our son. He has grown in confidence as a result of his sessions with Valeryia and he has found her very easy to work with. She created a personal tutor plan so that he could focus on his weak areas but she also prepared some revision for him which he found very helpful.

I’d recommend Valeryia to anyone looking for a maths tutor that can provide a very personalised plan and is dedicated to meeting the needs of her students.

Obviously, we have a bit of a wait to see the real evidence when the results are published but we are much more confident that his hard work will pay off thanks to Valeryia.

Thanks again for your help, both myself and his dad are very grateful.”

To get started with a local tutor who will create a personalised learning plan for you or your child, please visit our Locations page and contact your Area Advisor.