Support for Students with Aspergers Syndrome

Pupils with Asperger syndrome are usually of average or above average intelligence and keen to continue into further and higher education. But what support is available for children and young people to enable them to succeed at school and university?

Asperger syndrome is an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people. This can make school and university life difficult, even though students may love learning and are often highly intelligent.

Concerns about school support

Unfortunately, according to the National Autistic Society, over 50% of children with autistic disorders are not in the kind of school their parents believe would best support them. Furthermore, one in five children with autism has been excluded from school, many more than once. As a result, increasing numbers of parents are seeking support from outside sources to ensure their child receive a good education and are able to achieve the grades they want at GCSE level and beyond.

Getting the diagnosis

The average age for diagnosis for Asperger syndrome is around nine years old, although many individuals are not diagnosed until much later. While the diagnosis may be a source of anxiety to some parents, many feel relieved as the diagnosis helps them to understand the reasons behind their child’s behaviour and how they can support them.

Building confidence with personal tutors

Many parents choose to enlist a  personal  tutor who understands Asperger syndrome and is able to provide clear and consistent support and tuition in the familiar and non-stressful surroundings of the student’s own home.

Some of Home-School Tutoring’s registered tutors are SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists and they have helped many pupils to successfully navigate the curriculum and exam syllabuses. By working together , the tutor and the student will  concentrate on developing  the study and exam preparation skills that will help them overcome difficulties.  Students with Asperger syndrome can then approach classwork, coursework, homework and exams with greater confidence.

One-to-one support tailored to individual needs

Home-School Tutoring is also able to provide  personal and subject-specific one-to-one tuition. Our Home-School Tutors  are experts in their subject and know how to communicate effectively and patiently , thus creating a supportive environment for the student to learn in.

Margaret Sweetland, the UK Proprietor of Home-School Tutoring, says: “In our experience, children and young people with Asperger syndrome respond very well to positive and patient one-to-one tuition.

“Our SEN specialists can help students develop learning strategies that can help them across the curriculum while we have tutors who specialise in all the subjects taught in schools today, who are available to provide caring, clearly communicated and consistent one-to-one tutoring that is tailored to individual personal needs and interests.”

Qualified and DBS-checked tutors in your area

Home-School Tutoring has provided high-quality home tuition for over 25 years and prizes itself on its personal service.  A rigorous registration procedure ensures that all tutors are suitably qualified and committed to delivering attentive and effective tuition. Certificates of qualifications are verified, references are obtained, and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is made to verify candidates’ suitability.

Home-School Tutoring’s Area Advisors are available to provide free local advice to parents considering home tutoring, and can match pupils with the right tutor best suited to their needs.

Contact your Area Advisor

Parents can find contact details of their local Area Advisor using the Tutor Search facility. Simply enter your postcode or nearest town or city.

SEN tutoring opportunities  

Home-School Tutoring is also keen to hear from tutors and SEN specialists who would be interested in joining us.  We need more tutors to be able to continue to provide this specialist tuition to our pupils.

See Become a Tutor for details.