Is there evidence that individual tuition really is effective?

Intuitively I think we would all agree that 1:1 tuition is effective and at Home School Tutoring we know through experience that this is the case. However, is there any hard evidence for the effectiveness of individual tutoring?

In fact, we can actually look to the Government for evidence of the effectiveness of one-to-one tutoring. A key tool in recent education initiatives has been the introduction of one-to-one teaching.

In 2008 Every Child Counts (ECC) was launched under the Labour Government in selected English Primary Schools. ECC is a numeracy programme where a specialist teacher teaches the lowest-achieving Year 2 children on a one-to-one basis for half an hour a day over the course of a term.

The ‘Every Child a Chance Trust’ who runs this programme evaluated the success of the project and was able to show (based on 7820 children taught), ‘an average gain, in number age, of 14 months are made after 20 hours of individualised teaching’, and that, ‘91% of children improved in their attitude and confidence towards mathematics.

Another linked Government scheme called Every Child a Reader (ECaR) also showed the significant benefits of individual tuition; “after 40 hours of individual reading help children advance almost two years in their reading age.” 21,979 children are involved in the 2011 ECaR programme.

Sadly, the future of the ECC and ECaR programmes are not certain due to changes in how schools receive funds. However, the evidence from the evaluation of these programmes shows that specialist individual tuition is undeniably effective.You too can benefit from one-to-one tuition at any age. Home School Tutoring (HST) can give you free advice and provide you with the right specialist tutor for your learning needs. Even a short series of lessons can make a big difference.

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