Tutoring for Complex Needs

For pupils with special educational needs and social, emotional and mental health difficulties, patient one-to-one support from a specialist tutor can be life changing. At Home-School Tutoring, we are immensely proud of the work our specialist tutors. Here, we share two success stories from one of our tutors, who is a qualified psychotherapist working in our Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas.

N.B. To protect our students’ privacy, their names have been changed.

Sarah’s story: back into education  

“Sarah was a cared-for 13-year-old girl, who had been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, autism spectrum disorder, complex attachment disorder, social communication disorder and was being assessed for foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

“Sarah had been excluded from three schools including two specialist Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) schools. Sarah’s mother had come to Home-School Tutoring for help while Sarah’s multi-disciplinary team found her a place at a residential school.

“I tutored Sarah for over a year at her home and at a room in a school provided by the Local Authority. We covered the full Key Stage 3 curriculum. Sarah was able to achieve an excellent level of work, gaining in confidence, study skills as well as learning life skills to control her anxiety, hyperacuity and communication problems. She has now been found a place at a residential school, proudly taking with her for discussion seven box files of work.”

From exclusion to A Levels

“Harry was a year 11 boy diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 7. He presented extremely slow verbal processing and elective mutism. Having been excluded from school, he had been attempting a distance-learning course at a Tutorial College for his GCSEs in year 10. However, he was not managing to engage with his tutors or complete assignments or independent learning.

“At completion of a year’s home tuition, I am proud to say Harry achieved 5 GCSEs. Harry then went on to do A Levels at college.”

To find out more about special educational needs (SEN) tutors in your area, please contact your local Home-School Tutoring Area Advisor.