Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Fat Maths GCSE!

Research is suggesting the new “big fat” maths GCSE course and numerical grading system will lead to fewer pupils taking A-level maths. So should you be afraid?  

At Home-School Tutoring, we say no! Our tutors can help students face maths with confidence at any level. With a bit of extra support – and some self-belief – we know you can do well.

The research

In their report, ‘Rethinking the Value of Advanced Mathematics Participation (Revamp)’, authors Professor Andrew Noyes and Dr Michael Adkins expressed concern that the upcoming changes will lead to pupils feeling less confident about studying maths further.

“The new GCSE 1-9 grading structure that will be implemented in 2017 is likely to have a detrimental effect on student self-perceptions and A level Mathematics uptake, in particular where students who would have achieved the top grade(s) are now less likely to do so,” the report concludes.

How to get the ‘I can do it!’ attitude

Home-School Tutoring believes self-confidence is essential – once students have it, they will succeed in maths.

“Once pupils start to feel more confident, our tutors can see huge leaps in their understanding and enjoyment of the subject,” Director Margaret Sweetland explains.

“For our most capable students, confidence can make the difference between an A* and an A or a B. In the new system, it could mean the difference between an 8 or 9 and a 6 or 7.”

Maths anxiety affects a large number of students, according to Stephanie Raine from Durham University’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring.

The good news is one-to-one tuition from a supportive maths tutor can help pupils to overcome their fears and feel positive about maths.

“It’s brilliant to see,” Margaret says. “Pupils come to us saying they’re no good at maths and don’t like it. After a few lessons with one of our tutors, who tailor their lessons to each student’s unique learning style and needs, their confidence begins to grow and suddenly it all clicks into place.

“If your child is nervous GCSE maths or maths at any level – or unsure whether they are ‘good enough’ to continue maths at A-level – our maths and numeracy tutors can address any areas that are giving them concern and help them develop confidence in their maths abilities.”

Feedback from happy parents and pupils

Parents of pupils supported by our maths tutors are enthusiastic about the difference it has made.

Mrs Weir recently wrote to our Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central Area Advisor, Alex Murray-Twinn:

“My daughter’s confidence in doing maths has been boosted greatly, and she is now starting to believe that she CAN do it. That’s with thanks to her patient and understanding maths tutor, who makes it fun and interesting every week… I have recommended this company to several of my friends and would continue to do so without hesitation.”

Alex also received this feedback from Mrs Roberts: “The only time my son ever loves doing maths! Thoroughly recommend!!”

Meanwhile, Emily Ellen, our Area Advisor for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, received this email from Mrs Pusey:

“My son Ed met with Teddy before Christmas as a get together session. That went very well. We have already seen progress after just one paid tutoring session.  The school teacher asked in class this week if anyone knew the formula for something and Ed was able to answer above everyone else (he’d covered this specific topic with Teddy this week!).  The teacher gave a knowing smile apparently! So, in answer to your question about how things are going – fab, thank you!”

To find out more about maths tutors in your area, visit www.homeschooltutoring.co.uk/locations/ to contact your local Area Advisor, who will be very happy to help.