Empowering Girls Throughout the Year

Home-School Tutoring is committed to helping girls develop the confidence that will help them succeed in life, whichever academic choices they make.

Self-confidence is essential for success, yet research shows girls are less confident about their career prospects than boys.

On International Women’s Day and throughout the year, Home-School Tutoring encourages students to believe in themselves and pursue their own individual interests, whatever they may be.

A letter to a daughter

Emma Johnson wrote a brilliant letter to her daughter, which was published by the Huffington Post on International Women’s Day.  Many of our Area Advisors and tutors are also mums and dads, who enjoy working with Home-School Tutoring because it fits around the responsibilities of parenthood. We understand parents’ hopes and concerns for their children, as they are the same hopes and concerns we feel for our own children.

That’s why we’re sharing Emma’s letter on our Thursday #Wordsday post on our Facebook page:

They are great words and we wish the same things for our own children, as well as our pupils.

Building the confidence that leads to success

One-to-one tuition can really help both girls and boys overcome difficulties that can lead to self-doubt. With encouragement and help to develop the skills that bring success, students can face exams and other challenges with greater confidence and self-belief.

Visit our Find a Tutor page to find contact details for your local Area Advisor, who can help match you or your child to a tutor who could make all the difference.