Key Stage 1: Ages 5–7

During key stage 1, tuition focuses on numeracy, literacy, confidence and support. We have a number of teachers and tutors qualified to work with children at this level.

No pressure

Our KS1 teachers and tutors are equipped for supporting young children who are finding aspects of learning difficult in the early years.

Home-School Tutoring’s tutors understand how important it is to make learning enjoyable for children aged between five and seven. Rather than ever letting children feel pressured, our tutors provide caring support and patient tutoring.

Every child is an individual

At Home-School Tutoring, we want to help young children to overcome their fears and frustrations.

School can be a daunting place and not everyone progresses at the same rate. That’s why it is important to ensure your child feels good about learning and willing to try new things. A little extra help at this tender stage can do wonders!

You may have a child who is particularly bright and needs more intellectual challenge than is provided at school. Why not meet that need by helping them to engage in special projects that interest them with a tutor who can tailor activities to their ability?

Key stage 1 tasks and tests

KS1 pupils will take a number of tasks and tests while at school and their teacher will work out the level they are at in the following areas:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking and listening
  • maths
  • science


If you feel that your child would benefit from additional support in any of the above areas, patient and enjoyable home tutoring can help bolster your child’s confidence and help them make great leaps in their understanding.

Contact your Area Advisor

Our Area Advisors will be pleased to provide advice to parents interested in key stage 1 home tutoring. Our Area Advisors match pupils with KS1 tutors in their area, and remain in contact with parents to respond to any queries or feedback throughout.  Please enter your postcode in our Tutor Search to find your local Area Adviser.

Home-School Tutoring is currently inviting applications from qualified KS1 tutors that would like to join Home-School Tutoring. Apply now to become a tutor!