Own your own Tutoring Business

You will have reached this page either because  we don’t yet cover your Area (  sorry !)  or otherwise you may be interested to know more about starting up an Associate Home School Tutoring Business in this region.

Would you be interested  in joining our team and owning and running your own Tutoring Business as an Associate Business of Home-School Tutoring UK and as the Area Advisor?

What do we look for in our Associate Business owners? 

To become a Home-School Tutoring Business Owner and Area Advisor  in your region, we look for confident, ambitious, vibrant ,  progressive and skilled people with a background in education and business or educational management .

  • Are you a committed educator ?
  • A skilled communicator and motivator ?
  • A determined, and skilled organiser , proficient in computer and online skills
  • Business experience and /or with educational management
  • Passionate to help pupils achieve their best  ?
  • Up-to-date with current educational provisions and support?
  • With the knowledge, determination and leadership qualities to encourage your team of tutors to deliver tutoring of a high educational standard  in your region ?
  • With initiative to market your business to schools, colleges and the general public in your region?

Provided that your Area is not already taken, you may like to consider entering this fulfilling and rewarding Business;  this would be a start-up Home-School Tutoring Business in a new region, which you would own and run under our umbrella.   Note: this is not a ‘ paid position’;  this is an opportunity to own and run a business.

It is a rewarding and fulfilling business to own and run.   You will be in contact with parents, students, schools and colleges ; you will make a difference to the lives of many pupils and encourage your tutors in skills of tutoring.

Tutor Teams in each Area 

As a Home-School Tutoring Business and Area Advisor, you will  register qualified teachers and tutors in their region for all subjects and levels .  Each Area owner is committed to the aim of providing an educational tutoring service of high quality.

This service of educational tutoring is offered :

a) to pupils who attend school or college but who need additional support and tutoring help

b) to schools and colleges who need tutors for  particular tutoring assignments , individuals or groups within the school, college or organisation , state school or private.

c)  to home-schooled pupils.

Which areas are still available?

If you enter your postcode in our  search box on the Home page and receive a message apologising for not covering that area, we are actively seeking a new Business owner / Area Advisor for that area.

Areas we are keen to cover next include:

  • Suffolk and Cardiff  (we are seeking  new Licencees in these areas as urgently as possible) , also Croydon, London SE,   Lancashire, Leicestershire, Liverpool Merseyside, Medway Kent,  North Yorkshire , Nottingham,  Shropshire , Warwickshire ( Coventry /Warwick) ,
  • West /SW London is also available over the next few months – for re-sale due to retirement of owner
  • Surrey is also available now or soon  – for re-sale due to retirement of current owner
  • West Yorkshire, Leeds and Bradford – will become available 2018 , due to retirement of the current owner ( who has owned and ran this area for 25 years).

Confidence in Home-School Tutoring

Anyone who considers hiring a tutor ( and this includes parents, students, schools and other organisations )   wants to find  a reputable agency whose recommendations and supply of tutors they can trust.  It is  vital to feel confident about the ethics, standards and practices of a tuition agency before making contact.

Home-School Tutoring has built a strong reputation among pupils, parents and educators since it was established over 30 years ago.

Key to our success is our personal approach and our rigorous registration procedure.  We listen to what is needed and we ensure that all our tutors are checked, referenced and suitably qualified  to deliver effective and engaging tuition.

We are corporate members of The Tutor’s Association and all our Areas support their aims of providing  tutors, families, schools, and the general public with a responsible and reassuring professional tutoring service.


If you are interested in joining us, please contact Margaret Sweetland  outlining your background and experience in education and/or business.

Join us while you can!

Home-School Tutoring is a people-based ethical business, which supports our schools and colleges, our children and adults. As our reputation continues to grow, so do the number of referrals and recommendations.

Our longest established Business areas have now grown into successful and fulfilling local businesses for their owners, and additional staff members have been required to further facilitate their growth.

As most of our Home-School Tutoring Business owners stay with us for many years, your area is unlikely to become vacant in the immediate future if it is already taken. However, please still contact us if your area is taken as there is a possibility that one of our Business owners may be considering selling or dividing their area.

Already own a tutoring business in one of our vacant areas?

If you already run a tutoring business in an area we don’t yet cover,  and would like to consider becoming a Home-School Tutoring Business, please contact Margaret Sweetland to find out how to become our  Associate Tutoring Business for that area.

What are the costs of running a tutoring business with Home-School Tutoring?

Home-School Tutoring offers an affordable route, a quick start up and much support.   Obviously there is a dedicated time commitment required as well as some outlay if you are serious about running your own educational tutoring business in your Area.

Please contact Margaret Sweetland for more information about fees for each area and how to get started.


Recently added Areas so far in 2017 or New Area Associates :



Bath and Bristol 


West Sussex