Tutoring Fees: Information for Tutors

What will I earn as a tutor?

We value our tutors. You are using your skills to make a difference in the lives of children, young people and adults.

Every assignment is quoted individually. When we negotiate your fees with the client, we aim to ensure you will be paid fairly for your time.

A fair scale of fees

Not only do you hold specific qualifications, you may offer years of experience and specialist training. We recognise this and would like to assure you that your Area Advisor will negotiate tutoring rates that fairly reflect your level of qualifications and expertise.

The tuition fees charged to the client will take into account:

  • the subject and level required and any specific client needs
  • any additional requests, e.g. marking, homework, exam preparation
  • your qualifications and professional expertise
  • your travelling time/expenses

Contact your Area Advisor

If you have any questions or need more clarification please contact your Area Advisor, who will be happy to discuss tuition rates or any other queries you have about tutoring with Home-School Tutoring.

Our Area Advisors look forward to hearing from all qualified teachers and graduates who will tutor responsibly to help more children, young people and adults fulfil their ambitions.

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