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Teachers and tutors, we need you!

Home-School Tutoring is seeking teachers and graduates across England and Wales. Due to increased demand, we are looking for more tutors for all subjects and levels in most areas.

We are especially keen to hear from primary school teachers for basic numeracy, literacy and special educational needs as well as teachers of mathematics, English and sciences at GCSE and Advanced Level.

Our aims and values

Home-School Tutoring supports the work carried out in all sectors of education and we are members of The Tutors’ Association which seeks to uphold and improve standards in private tutoring.

We support parents and pupils, schools, teachers and lecturers in all levels of learning from very young children to adults.

We aim to help students of all ages to gain confidence and reach their full potential as individuals: personally, socially and academically. We tutor by positive encouragement with a pastoral concern for the individual.

We trust the professionalism of our tutors to provide high standard tuition classes to the best of their ability.

Home-School Tutoring has a duty of care to protect children according to government legislation and recommendations. Our tutors are placed in a position of trust and we ask each tutor to ensure they give no cause for concern or reproach as a result of their presentation or personal conduct in tutoring assignments.

Agree with our aims and values? Please join us!

Share your professional skills and knowledge to help those who are struggling with learning or have special educational needs. Watch them build confidence and make progress. Patiently explain difficult concepts to those who are taking advanced courses and who want to aim high. Enjoy seeing your pupils develop their understanding and skills.

You will be valued by our organisation and by your pupils.

We particularly need:

  • more primary school teachers for special educational needs and basic numeracy and literacy
  • more teachers of mathematics
  • more English and science teachers for GCSE and  Advanced Levels

However, all tutors are very welcome.

Your local Area Associate and Business Advisor 

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat before applying, your Area Advisor will be happy to help. Enter your postcode in our Tutor Search to find their telephone number and email address.

Your area not yet covered?

Home-School Tutoring is an expanding organisation with Associate Area Advisors across England and Wales. Please accept our apologies if your area is not yet covered. We hope to be in your area soon and will be able to get you started with Home-School Tutoring as soon as we have an Area Advisor there.

Business opportunities with Home-School Tutoring

If you are interested in becoming a Business owner and Area Advisor with Home-School Tutoring  in an area still to cover please contact the main office.

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