We would love to feature ALL the testimonials that we receive. Here is a recent selection:

Our pupils say…

“Thank you so much for your help with English. My confidence has really improved and without you I don’t know where I’d be.”
Email from a GCSE student to Home-School Tutoring Northamptonshire

“You’ve made the subject much clearer for me and I feel I’ve learnt more with you in the last few weeks than the last 4 years of school!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Suffolk

“I thoroughly enjoyed the three years of tutoring Neil gave me, he is a great teacher and ensured that I fully understood everything before moving on. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a science tutor. He is a lovely chap!” 
Email to Home-School Tutoring Durham 

“I looked forward to the tutor coming because he really helped build my confidence in the subject that I found so difficult.  I got the grade I needed and I’m now at Uni.  Thanks so much for your help! Brilliant!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring UK

“Thank you for helping me with my maths.  I like maths now and I’m doing better.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring UK

“The Arabic verbal lessons are going really well, Worood has a teaching style that suits my style of learning.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Parents and clients say…

“Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! In such a small time my daughter has gone from hating maths to finally loving it, her words not mine. Katie (the tutor) has been amazing. My daughter’s class teacher has seen a massive improvement in her class work and confidence and this is all down to Katie. I cannot thank you enough!  Everyone should have a Katie in their life.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

“Without the extra tuition my daughter has had to sit her KS2, I do not think she would be who she is now or where she is academically. Her confidence has massively grown, and she has started to believe in herself. Lotte (the tutor) is an absolute credit to this company and we are truly grateful for everything she has done for our daughter. I would highly recommend Lotte to anyone who felt their children needed a little extra help.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Norfolk

“Many thanks for the personal and excellent tuition for my son’s GCSE maths. The tutor’s work enabled him to successfully pass the higher paper, even though his school didn’t really want him to be entered at the higher level.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Durham

“Just a quick email to thank you for all you have done – what a difference your tuition has made! His teacher cannot believe the difference in confidence in a few short weeks – he is like a different boy with school now a pleasure!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

“Thanks for everything you’ve been doing with my daughter, I know she feels much more confident with taking these exams now. She even stated last night that she thinks she’s going to do OK!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Suffolk

 “I feel the extra support is giving Megan confidence, especially as there is no extra support available at school until she reaches Key Stage 4.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

“Valeryia has been excellent and has been a fantastic support for our son. He has grown in confidence as a result of his sessions with Valeryia and he has found her very easy to work with. She created a personal tutor plan so that he could focus on his weak areas but she also prepared some revision for him which he found very helpful. I’d recommend Valeryia to anyone looking for a maths tutor that can provide a very personalised plan and is dedicated to meeting the needs of her students.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Devon

“Andrew is a very conscientious and enthusiastic teacher, I am very pleased with his attention to detail and in how he talks to my daughter. He is very clear in what he needs her to do and she really gets on well with him. Thank you for recommending him.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

“My daughter’s confidence in doing maths has been boosted greatly, and she is now starting to believe that she CAN do it. That’s with thanks to her patient and understanding maths tutor, who makes it fun and interesting every week… I have recommended this company to several of my friends and would continue to do so without hesitation.”
Facebook review for Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

Molly from Home School Tutoring gave extra tuition to my daughter Alexandra for a common entrance exam in Maths and English. She made Alexandra feel very relaxed and really helped with her confidence. I am pleased to say that Alexandra passed the exam, and I would highly recommend Molly.
Email to Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

“My child’s complex needs were accurately met through the stimulating and productive work of his tutor. He has found his ‘voice’, thank you Home-School Tutoring.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Northumberland Area

“Well, our letter arrived today and Tom* has just opened it. I’m really happy to tell you he’s been offered a place and we are overjoyed! Many thanks for all that you did for Tom and keeping me calm too throughout the whole process!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

“Neil has worked with our son over 2 years and is exceptional in supporting young people with difficulties. His dedicated and gentle manner and encouragement has helped to bring out the best in our son.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Durham

“Thank you so much for getting in touch to ask about Hattie’s* exam. She was nervous but confident going in. Her first paper went well. She specifically commented that your tutoring had made a huge difference so thank you again, I wish we had found you sooner.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

“We have already seen progress after just one paid tutoring session.  The school teacher asked in class this week if anyone knew the formula for something and Ed was able to answer above everyone else (he’d covered this specific topic with Teddy this week!).  The teacher gave a knowing smile apparently! So, in answer to your question about how things are going – fab, thank you!”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

“I just wanted to send this email letting you know how extremely happy James* and myself were with the tutor you recommended. James seemed to settle with her straight away and he thought she was great, such a lovely helpful person.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Northamptonshire

“The only time my son ever loves doing maths! Thoroughly recommend!!”
Facebook review for Home-School Tutoring Hampshire West & Central

“I just wanted to write and thank you so much for helping us find a tutor for Poppy*.  Georgina was fabulous and really helped, so much so we have flown into Uppingham with wonderful grades, which is a proper boost to moral! I have passed Home-School Tutoring’s details on to a friend of mine.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Cornwall & North Devon

“I would like to extend a very big thank you to yourself and the other tutors that have been in to our care home to work with our young lady. Your professionalism and very flexible approach to the needs of our young lady is absolutely second to none and, in my various experiences with tutoring services, you are certainly at the forefront of very high quality services. On the occasions that I have a need to obtain similar services in the future, your details will be right at the top of my list.”
Email from Ross Spencer, Area Education Officer, National Care Provider

“I will certainly recommend you to any friends looking for a tutor.”
Email to Home-School Tutoring Surrey

Schools say…

“Thank you for liaising with us.  Your tutoring has been of a very high standard and a great help to us here and the pupil concerned.”

“This pupil lacks confidence, but with the support of this tutor we can certainly see a marked improvement.”

Our tutors say…

“Thanks Home-School Tutoring for your support and encouragement this year. It’s a quality organisation to work with, and I appreciate your friendship. “

“Home-School Tutoring is a great organisation to work for: local, friendly, supportive and encouraging. I particularly enjoy being able to talk to my Area Advisor who understands my skills. The pupils I have been recommended to have always been so keen to learn and my own teaching experience has been ideal for the level and subjects that I tutor. I’m an early retired teacher; this is my new career and I love being part of Home-School Tutoring.”

“Home-School Tutoring designs individual programmes tailored around children’s needs and interests, building confidence, providing support and unlocking potential in all students.”

“My best story concerns Marie*, now starting A level studies, but this time last year preparing for GCSE. I was told she was getting Ds in English and mother asked for a tutor. Julie, my English tutor, assessed her as capable of B and, after weekly lessons through the year, during which her level gradually increased, Marie finished the year getting A* in her Literature and A in Language. As she had already submitted controlled assessments in year 10, her awarded grades were A in Literature and B in Language. She was delighted.”

*Pupils’ names changed to protect privacy