Special Educational Needs

Home-School Tutoring’s special needs tutors provide valuable extra support for children with special educational needs (SEN).

One in five

Currently, around one in five children are considered to have special educational needs at some point during their school years. The 1996 Education Act defines a child as having SEN ‘if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for them’.

Assessments of special educational needs are carried out by local councils, who may issue a ‘statement of special needs’.  However, this is not considered necessary for most children with special educational needs, although some extra help may be necessary in order to help them progress at school. Home-School Tutoring’s SEN tutors are experienced in providing special needs assistance to help children reach their full potential.

How can private tuition help pupils with SEN?

SEN is a broad umbrella term and relates to many different difficulties and disabilities. Home-School Tutoring’s tutors can help children greatly whether they have special educational needs related to behavioural/social difficulties or special needs related to reading and writing (e.g. dyslexia).  The one-on-one attention of our home tutors can also prove greatly beneficial with special educational needs related to how a child is able to understand things as well as for difficulties with concentrating (e.g. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

When special educational needs relate to disabilities, impairments or physical needs, home tuition eliminates access issues, as our home tutors will drive to the pupil’s home so learning can take place in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Parents of children with specific learning difficulties (SplDs), including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (or attention deficit disorder or ADD as it has been known) and Asperger’s syndrome, report that private tutors have helped their children overcome their frustration with education and foster new enthusiasm and confidence.

Patient, caring and professional one-to-one tuition from a Home-School Tutoring home tutor has helped many frustrated children to discover that learning can be a positive and enjoyable experience, especially when things finally fall into place and the child experiences their first all-important ‘light bulb moment’.

Tuition tailored to the individual

Whether parents would prefer our special needs tutors to visit their home for tutoring sessions, for their child to attend the tutor’s home or to meet in another agreed location, Home-School Tutoring’s SEN tutors strive to provide effective and engaging tuition that is considerate of each child’s individual needs. As SEN specialists, our home tutors tailor their approach to each pupil, aiming to create a non-stressful, supportive working environment in which children can build confidence and develop at their own pace.

Home-School Tutoring has offered quality home tuition for over 25 years.  A rigorous registration procedure ensures that all our special needs tutors are suitably qualified before references are taken up and an enhanced DBS check made.

Our SEN tutors are qualified to provide one-to-one tuition for:

  • key stage 1 & 2 (primary level) special educational needs assistance
  • key stage 3 & 4 (secondary level) special educational needs assistance
  • SATs
  • homework help
  • GCSEs
  • AS Levels and A-Levels
  • further education (sixth form or college)
  • higher education (university or college)
  • adult education


Contact us for more information

Our Area Advisors would be pleased to provide advice to parents who would like their child to benefit from special needs support. Our Area Advisors match pupils with the most suitable special educational needs tutor in their area, and remain in contact with parents to respond to any queries or feedback throughout.  Please enter your postcode in our Tutor Search Facility to find your local Area Adviser.

Home-School Tutoring is currently inviting applications from SEN tutors and special needs specialists that would like to join Home-School Tutoring. Please see Become a Tutor to apply.