French Tuition

Our French tutors are available for private tuition to support students with learning French, whether for school, further or higher education, work or business, or personal interests.

Support for GCSE and A-Level French

Our French home tutors provide pupils with one-to-one tuition in speaking, listening, reading and writing French so that they can face coursework and exams for GCSEs, AS Levels, A-Levels and degrees with confidence.

The number of students choosing to study GCSE French has been in steady decline since languages became optional in 2004, and the numbers of students studying A-Level French and BA degrees in French have fallen even further. It was hoped that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) would boost the number of young people choosing to study GCSE French however further declines have been reported, prompting employers’ groups to raise concerns.

To receive the Ebacc, pupils must attain grade C or higher in GCSE English, maths, history or geography, two science qualifications, and a language. With competition tough for the top university places, the Ebacc provides students with an opportunity for further distinction (especially if they go on to study A-Level French).

Learning languages takes time

The English have a reputation for being reluctant to learn other languages; however, for many this reluctance is the result of a lack of confidence resulting from less practice and fewer opportunities to hear and speak a foreign language compared to our European counterparts.

A European Survey on Language Competencies found that while 14% of French students aged 14—15 could be categorised as ‘independent language users who can deal with straightforward, familiar matters’, only 9% of their English counterparts reached the same level.  As pupils in England spend fewer hours per week learning languages and have fewer opportunities to hear the French language in popular culture in the way that French students are able to immerse themselves in English language films, TV and music, it is easy to understand why English students find learning French more difficult than French students find learning English.

Home tuition provides students with the opportunity to engage with the French language through one-to-one dialogue and reading materials, and practise their French language skills in a supportive and relaxed environment, without any fears about making mistakes.

Help from Home-School Tutoring

For the many students who would like to continue their French studies to GCSE level and beyond but are concerned that it may be more difficult to get a good grade in GCSE French than in other subjects, one-to-one French tutoring could be invaluable.

Our private tutors are also very happy to help adult learners to master French language skills for work, business, leisure or personal interests. The channel can now be crossed in as little as 35 minutes, making France as popular as ever for holidays and all the more enjoyable for those that can speak the language.

Home-School Tutoring was established in 1984 and has offered quality private tutoring for over 30 years.  Our registration procedure ensures that all our home tutors are suitably qualified before references are taken up and an enhanced DBS check is conducted.

Our French tutors are qualified to provide French tuition for:

  • pre-school pupils
  • key stage 1 & 2 (primary level)
  • key stage 3 & 4 (secondary level)
  • GCSE and IGCSE French tutoring
  • coursework and homework help
  • Pupils with special needs
  • AS and A-Level French
  • degree level French
  • work or business
  • leisure or personal interests


Contact us to find out more

Our Area Advisors would be pleased to provide advice to any students or their parents interested in private tutoring in French or any other languages. Our Area Advisors match pupils with tutors in their area, and remain in contact with parents to respond to any queries or feedback.  Please enter your postcode in our Tutor Search facility to find your local Area Adviser.

Home-School Tutoring is currently inviting applications from qualified language tutors who would like to join Home-School Tutoring. Please see Become a Tutor to apply.