Need help catching up after time off school sick?

Pupils miss over 50 million days of school in total each year, according to Department for Education statistics. While most parents now ensure the family holiday is taken during the holidays, there is little any of us can do to prevent viruses and illnesses disrupting pupils’ studies. Illness was responsible for over 57% of all absences at the last count – so if your son or daughter has recently missed some school or college time due to sickness, the chances are that he or she is one of many.

Few children can avoid some time off school or college due to sickness. Unfortunately, the time missed can lead to critical gaps in a student’s understanding. If your child is now struggling to catch up at school or college due to absence, they may benefit from a little extra help.

Long-term problems

Of course, it’s not just viruses that keep pupils away from school. Many families have a son or daughter who suffers from an illness or condition that keeps them away from school on a regular basis or for extended periods. More than a million children in the UK have long-term, or even lifelong, illnesses, according to the NHS.

Home-School Tutoring offers tutoring to these families to help children keep up with their studies without losing confidence or becoming anxious about their learning.

Bullying or problems at school can also result in children missing school, while the resulting stress can further affect a pupil’s ability to keep up with their schoolwork. We understand that this is often particularly difficult for parents and offer tuition and support through our tutors.

Make up for lost time – quickly

If you are concerned that absence from school – for whatever reason – has left you or your child struggling with their studies, the good news is the support of a private tutor can turn things around.

The Education Endowment Foundation suggests that one-to-one tuition can accelerate learning by approximately five additional months’ progress.

Margaret Sweetland, Home-School Tutoring’s Director, understands that strong foundations are required for success in GCSEs, A levels, college and beyond. “If children miss or have been unable to fully grasp key concepts and skills, it can affect them throughout their education,” she says.

“If you feel that vital learning has been missed or not fully understood, a supportive private tutor can help pupils to take a step back to ensure they have fully comprehended each aspect of their subject.

“By letting students direct the pace, tutors can ensure students catch up and consolidate their understanding so they don’t feel lost and anxious down the line.

“Giving pupils extra time now – either on an ongoing basis or for a set period of time – can prove tremendously beneficial in both the short and long term.”

Find a tutor you can trust

If you or your child would benefit from the support of a private tutor, it’s crucial to find one you can trust. You can find details of qualified, experienced and DBS-checked local tutors by entering your postcode in the Tutor Search and contacting your local Area Advisor.

Home-School Tutoring has been unlocking learning for children and adults with quality, vetted home tuition since 1984. You can find out more about how we support pupils with patient and effective private tuition on our About Us page.