Learning Languages

Would you like to learn a language? Or improve a language you started learning years ago?

So many of us seem to have forgotten that language can be fun and engages parts of the brain which need reaching and developing! Whether you would like to gain a GCSE or A Level in a foreign language or just want to learn for personal interest, Home-School Tutoring is here to help.

The decline in language learning 

The total number of pupils taking GCSE French, German and Spanish fell again this year. The figures for 2017 foreign language GCSE entries show a 10% drop from last year for French, a 13.2%drop for German and a 1.8% drop for Spanish.

Research has suggested that students may be put off languages because they believe it is more difficult to get a good grade in a GCSE language subject than in other subjects. Thank goodness Home-School Tutoring’s patient language tutors are here to help students succeed!

Brits and foreign languages 

European Surveys on Language Competencies regularly place England at the bottom of the table for foreign language skills in reading, writing and listening.

There reason we lag behind is simple: pupils in England spend fewer hours a week learning foreign languages than our European neighbours.

Students also have fewer opportunities to immerse themselves in another language in the same way that young people studying English as a foreign language in Europe are able to, where English language music, TV, and films are part of everyday life.

Private tuition gives English foreign language students a chance to redress the balance, and catch up with those on the continent.

Why learn another language?

The dominance of the English language across the globe makes learning English a priority for students in Europe and other countries but far too many English students fail to recognise the benefits of learning another language.

Learning another language can increase your employability, enhance your travel experiences, make you more open-minded, boost your brain’s power and ward off dementia, and help you make friends with people from other countries and cultures.

It’s also pretty fun, when you do it with us!

Margaret Sweetland from Home-School Tutoring, says: “One-to -one tuition helps a student get to grips with a language by focusing students in a way that they often don’t in the classroom.  With a private tutor there is so much more time for conversation, to really get to grips with speaking and to build confidence without others listening in.

“Speaking the language and attention in listening is key to language learning, but the demands of the national curriculum mean there often isn’t the time or resources available for enough of this is in the school day. Our tutors have helped many students to master their chosen foreign language, and get high grades as GCSE and A Level.”

Testimonials from our language students

“All is going well with Samantha’s Spanish lessons thanks. She is feeling more confident already, after a month of summer holiday intensive lessons and is going into Year 11 more prepared than she would have been without Home School Tutoring’s help.”

“My French lessons are going well thanks Emily! Sarah is even giving me homework! I need to ensure that I pester my French colleagues to talk French with me as much as possible to ensure I get chance to practice what she is teaching me. She has also recommended one or two subtitled French films for me to watch – every bit of exposure will help.”

“The Arabic verbal lessons are going really well, Worood has a teaching style that suits my style of learning.”

The above are all recent testimonials sent to our Area Advisor for Home-School Tutoring Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Language support in your area 

Parents can find contact details for their local Area Advisor using the Tutor Search facility, while teachers and specialists interested in joining Home-School Tutoring as a language tutor can find more information by visiting Become a Tutor.