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  • Can Home-School Tutoring help with your learning and progress this term? Whatever level, age or subject, we have tutors ready to help!

    Personal Tutoring in 2017

    Would you like help to make progress this year?

    • We provide tutors for pupils at school or college.
    • Tutoring is available for all ages: younger children, students and adults.
    • Tutoring can be given in your own home, the home of your tutor or another venue.
    • Most school and college subjects are covered as well as many university subjects.
    • Subjects include maths tuition, English tuition, sciences, languages and humanities.
    • All levels are taught from primary to GCSE, A level and beyond.
    • We support pupils preparing for exams, including the 11 Plus and other entrance exams.
    • We provide tutors to schools (including for looked after children and special needs support).
    • We also provide tutors to families home-schooling their children.

    To arrange tuition, contact your local Area Advisor or enter your postcode or nearest town/city in the search box above.

    Best wishes,

    Margaret Sweetland, Director, and all  your Area Advisors and Tutors 

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