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  • to build confidence
  • to enjoy learning
  • to make progress
  • to understand
  • to achieve all you can
  • to overcome anxiety
  • for the future
  • Can Home-School Tutoring help with your learning and progress this term? Whatever level, age or subject, we have tutors ready to help!

    Make progress with personal  home tutoring 

    There are times when children and students at school or college need extra help !   It may be that they have lost confidence or feel left behind in a particular subject .

    It is really important to help them regain their understanding and make progress as quickly as possible, and our local tutors at Home-School Tutoring would like to offer additional  patient, careful tuition.  The tutors can follow their school or college syllabus  or concentrate on certain weaknesses and gaps in knowledge so that pupils who have struggled with various subjects or concepts can once again enjoy learning and make more progress.

    Over the years, Home-School Tutoring has helped thousands of pupils with their progress and understanding;   children and students of all ages are encouraged in their progress by our home tutors every year and it gives us great pleasure to hear so often of  their greater achievements  due to the tutoring.  So, whether the need is for basic Maths or numeracy tutoring,  or English tuition  – right through from basic reading help to English GCSE and A level … or any of the sciences ( chemistry, physics, biology) languages and most other subjects, we will do our best to recommend a good tutor to you in your local area.

    Home tuition really can make a difference. Research consistently proves the unrivalled effectiveness of one-to-one tuition.

    Home School Tutoring supports parents and pupils, schools and colleges in both the state and independent school sectors. We are always pleased to recommend tutors to schools and education authorities as well as individual private clients looking for one-to-to-one personal tuition or small group tutoring.

    We also recommend home tutors to parents who have already made the decision to educate their children at home and who have set up their home learning plan.

    Want to find good local tutors?

    Home-School Tutoring only works with committed and qualified home tutors after references have been obtained and DBS criminal records checks have been made.

    Teachers and tutors, we need you!

    Being busy means we need more of you to join us! If you are a qualified teacher or tutor who is committed to effective and enjoyable home tuition, please register as a tutor.

    Home-School Tutoring:

    • quality tuition – for all ages, all levels and in nearly all subjects
    • locally established – with Area Offices across England and Wales and  an Area Advisor  to speak to you personally
    • personal tutors – ready to help with school and college subjects, learning skills and exam preparation
    • safe service – we take our responsibility of child protection very seriously and only recommend tutors we fully believe can be safely placed in a position of trust. Area Advisors take up references and wait for DBS (formally CRB) clearance before recommending all tutors
    • pleased to work with Local Authorities in liaising and providing tutors as required – and also with independent schools and colleges
    • exam preparation – we help pupils of all ages prepare for examinations, including GCSEs, A and AS Levels, the 11 plus, Common Entrance and professional exams
    • home-educated children – If the decision has already been made by a family to educate their children at home, then we will be pleased to recommend tutors to families who contact us and need assistance with tutors.

    If you need a tutor or would like more information, your Area Advisor  be delighted to help. Put your post code  or county in the search box above.

    Our home tutors:

    • build confidence, understanding and enjoyment in learning
    • encourage and support those with learning difficulties or those who struggle
    • help pupils and students achieve better test and exam results and realise their goals
    • support and enable parents/carers to encourage good learning routines and study skills
    • liaise with  state or independent schools and colleges and with LEA’s as requested, working together to achieve more

    Interested in becoming an Associate Business and Area Advisor?

    For more information about owning and running your own local tutoring business, take a look at business opportunities with Home-School Tutoring.

    Let learning be a pleasure! We look forward to helping you unlock your potential.

    Margaret Sweetland

    (Director, Home-School Tutoring UK Ltd)
    and the Home-School Tutoring Area Associates and Advisors

    Personal Tutor