Maths Tuition: Why it is so popular and so effective

So many parents and students ask for help with Maths.

Mathematics ( and the understanding of maths concepts )  is so important because  we all know that  a good understanding of the working of maths is necessary, not just for entry into higher education and for employers, but also for each individual to be able to live life more successfully and understand the world around them.

Maths is everywhere in our everyday living. Our understanding of maths is built up gradually, over many years, concept on concept.  It is like building blocks . If you watch a little child carefully building up a tower with bricks , unless there is a strong foundation, it tumbles.  The base of the tower isn’t strong enough.  And if we don’t understand a key point in Maths, then it becomes more difficult to build on that.  There always will be a weakness, a gap in understanding which then affects progress.

Children and young people do best in school if their learning environment is ‘high challenge, low stress.’ And if  a young person feels behind or ‘lost’ with a subject like maths, it then becomes stressful and learning is not as effective. In some cases the young person can switch off from the subject completely. For this reason many pupils will often say they ‘can’t do maths’ or ‘don’t like maths.’ In reality what they probably mean is that they haven’t grasped some of the key concepts and feel stuck, frustrated, even frightened by maths.

Even a few days of illness and missing school, can mean that a pupil may have missed the opportunity to understand some of the basic concepts of a particular aspect and the pupil feels behind very quickly.

However, with some targeted, individual maths tuition, this can easily be rectified and at Home School Tutoring we regularly have parents tell us that their children now enjoy maths because the tutor has made them realise they can actually do it and their confidence has increased.

Maths does have many practical applications with everyday life and when pupils grasp this (rather than feeling maths is a string of abstract concepts), they usually really begin enjoy it more. When students know that maths can be meaningful and relevant the subject begins to makes sense and the difficulties seem to slip away. Maths  is all around us.   There are shapes and patterns and numbers everywhere for our enjoyment!

Individual maths  tuition  is an effective way of supporting the concepts that pupils are being taught in schools and colleges. It can dramatically boost confidence and has definite impact when pupils are preparing for maths examinations at any age or level.

At Home-School Tutoring, we are also sometimes asked about maths tuition for the more-able pupils.   They like to be stretched.  Personal tuition in maths for the gifted student can be of great benefit; it is challenging, and helps keep a gifted pupil engaged with the subject instead of feeling bored and demoralised if they find something too easy.

The Home School Tutoring (HST) Advisor for your area, will be delighted to talk to you further about the benefits of maths tuition for any level, and for any age, and will help you find the right local maths tutor who will make a real difference. At Home School Tutoring we believe that helping an individual to understand and apply maths, is an investment which will carry them through life.